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First look and review of InnLight LED Falling Rain Lights with 30cm 8 Tubes, 144 LEDs

This is my review/impression of the InnLight LED Falling Rain Lights with 30cm 8, Tube 144 LEDs, Meteor Shower Light, Falling Rain Drop Christmas Light, Icicle String Light for Holiday, Party, Tree Decoration (Blue)

I purchased 6 sets of these to put in my trees in the front yard to go with my large Christmas display. Honestly after receiving them and seeing how nice in person they look I’m thinking I really didn’t get enough of these.
I got the all Blue version. I believe they come in white and multi-color but for my purposes of decorating I thought the blue would look best and I
made the right choice! They are bright and a nice color blue.
I’ve seen a couple of other reviewers claiming there are only 17 lights per tube when there is supposed to be 18 but I can assure you there are 18 bulbs per tube. I think they are missing the very last one at the bottom. I have tested the six boxes I purchased and all LED’s are working (No DOA or burned out bulbs)
Each are approx. 12″ long and the strip inside holding the LED’s has cutouts for each bulb so the light comes out both sides and will look nice whatever way they may end up hanging.
They appear to be waterproof (I won’t know for sure until I have them up in my trees this next Christmas) except for the plug-in transformer which I believe the vendor states in his description. I will be using these outdoors so I fashioned a small plastic case that some drywall screws came in and cut a hole for the cord to come out. I think it will keep the plug/transformer safe from water.
Someone else talked about wanting wave patterns or something like that which is a personal opinion that might look OK if you have these neatly spaced apart in a straight line I suppose. I think most people will have these randomly placed in trees and such and having certain patterns run on them wouldn’t look good. I think they are perfect they way they are. I hope to revise my review with them actually setup in my trees this Christmas.
I received this at a discount in exchange for and honest and unbiased review. My review is based solely on my opinion of the quality and vendors description of the lights and nothing else.



XKGLOW Sequential Switchback LED Strips

Want to take your custom headlight build to the next level? These Sequential Switchback Tubes are just what you need! Each tube features both white LEDs for daytime running lights and amber LEDs for your turn signals. They come with a built in sequential switchback feature meaning when the turn signal is activated, the white will automatically shut off and the amber sequence will cycle. The white tubes diffuse the light to give off a uniform glow and allow for an OEM like appearance.

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How to measure fluorescent and LED light flicker

Fluorescent tubes flicker because of their inherent design. LED lights may or may not flicker depending on how well their power supply is designed. How do you measure the amount of flicker? In this episode, we quantify the flicker in the fluorescent tubes and after an LED light conversion.

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LED Linear T8 – Installation Video

In this product installation video, watch how we convert a fluorescent T8 fixture into one that can use MaxLite’s Linear LED T8 lamps (with internal driver.)

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Written by Greg Murphy
Produced by Blake Adams