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LED tube light from old or broken CFL HIndi/Urdu

This is a very simple circuit to make small LED light from old or broken CFL tube light u can check my another vedio about operate led from 220volt ac

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Poundland 6W LED lamp teardown with schematic.

More camera tests and a very retro sound with a device microphone that removes most of the pesky bass from my voice like the iPad used to. It seems fitting that I should take apart a lamp to continue the retro theme.
I realise that some people like the bass, but for many others it causes problems with compact playback devices with small speakers that end up very quiet because they don’t have the frequency response to match.
Other notable things are that this device is tricky to get a decent light level range on. That also matches the iPad experience when I had to use a calibration chart before each video to lock exposure.

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How to convert Fluorescent shop light to LED

I go through the process of changing a 2-tube shop light from fluorescent tubes to LED tubes. I got the LED tubes from Amazon — the brand is “Genitronic”. They are OK, although I would prefer warmer light than the 5000K I have. I like light around 3000-4000K.



H8931 3M Flexible Neon Light EL Wire Rope Tube with Controller

This EL wire is great for car decoration, night clubs, parties, dark hallways, almost wherever you can imagine. 8 Colors for choosing! (Lemon) (Yellow) (Pink) (Red) (White) (Blue) (Green) (Purple)
Flexible, can be bent into any shapes and cut into any length.
Water resistant, available for indoor and outdoor lighting.
Offer 360 degrees of illumination.
Energy saving and environmental-friendly.
Long life time, more than 12,000 hours.
3 light modes: steady on, quick flash, slow flash.
Great for car decoration, night clubs, parties, dark hallways, almost wherever you can imagine.
You can also use it around the spokes of your bike tires, your wrists, even your pet’s collar for extra protection in the evening.



Install LED T8 lighting

Learn how to easily install illumalighting LED T8 tubes. In under 10 minutes the LED tube can be installed. Simply using an external power supply with the T8 tube allows the electrician to easily dissasemble the ballast and rewire the power supply in place. The “pins” are used for mechanical mounting only there is no electricity running to the tombstones, unlike other LED T8 technology which can put the electrician at a bigger electrical risk.



Revolution Lighting SEP LED T8 Tube Lamp Retrofit Process

In this video, you’ll learn how to convert a standard fluorescent tube lamp troffer to use Revolution Lighting Technologies’ Single-End Power (SEP) LED T8 Tube Lamps.

SEP LED tube lamps are a great way for customers to reduce energy usage, save money on long-term maintenance costs, and increase the simplicity and reliability of their lighting systems.

Don’t forget to attach the safety stickers included with every Revolution Lighting SEP T8 tube lamp kit to the troffer in visible and applicable areas to maintain the fixture’s UL listing. The necessary stickers and their required locations are detailed in the installation instructions supplied with every Revolution Lighting T8 SEP tube lamp kit.

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