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The very first China LED Panel lights emerged in the market in 2009 and it was not so popular until the over flooding of the LED Bulb products in 2014.  Why LED panel, this “black horse” grabbed all the attentions among all those LED products? Players in the LED industry considered the brand new light so promising for these two reasons: Pricing of the LED panel is approaching the main stream price in the market; The traditional ceiling lights has been replaced with LED panel lights in many facilities all over China. LED panel suppliers in China has gained great confidence from such good start and started to get involved in the LED panel manufacturing. As a Chinese LED panel manufacturer & exporter, we should be fully acknowledged that the LED lights for commercial use with long hours lighting always outburst before it occupies the household territories. Household lighting is the biggest market for the traditional lights, so will it be for the LED light industry. The latest statistics in 2015 showed that there are over 2200 LED panel suppliers & manufacturers in China. With the rapid technology evolution and decreasing prices, the LED panels made in China, which was welcomed in Europe now has successfully been imported and distributed in USA and Cananda. So far over 70% of the LED panels made in China are for exporting purpose. China LED panel makers have witnessed an average growth of export volume by 200% annually. The statistics in 2014 from China customs indicated that the largest LED panel importer was Singapore followed by U.S.A, UK, Russia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Spain, India.

Chinese LED panel industry is also looking forward to a brand new era: Smart LED panel and infrared, WIFI and remote control. We believe China smart LED panel industry will have a bright future just like other LED products in the near future.

OMWLights provides high quality China LED panels in all styles and sizes.


OMWLights China LED Panels

Introduction of LED panel

LED panel light is an LED ultra-thin energy-saving and low-carbon lighting, used in LCD backlight technology, is a new type of energy saving lamps, can replace existing traditional lighting panel with color consistency, selectable color temperature, high brightness, long life, low energy consumption, environmental protection and so on.

LED panel lights is a high class indoor light fitting. The frame of LED panel light is made of anodize aluminum alloy. It has elegant and simple appearance with luxurious impact. The high level light penetration panel makes the light gentle, comfortable.

LED panel light structure is determined by the backlight, light, driving, frame structure, diffuser plate combination. Light is irradiated from both sides or four sides of the light guide inside the material, the light guide plate through the interference pattern after processing allows the light advancing direction change, most interfering light emitted towards the direction of the diffusion plate, a small portion of the reflective material is reflective for a second reflections, the light is irradiated as much as possible out to achieve the purpose of lighting. LED panel light features energy: energy efficient non-polluting, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption than traditional energy sources more than 70%;

Features of LED panels

  1. Wide voltage drivers: A LED panel uses wide voltage drivers, which can be used in all countries. The panel light employs the isolated power, driven by constant current which leads to higher power factor, reliable and safer performances.
  2. Energy saving and long life: LED Panel lights provide more than 70% energy saving, with over 3-year life span. High efficiency & lower power consumption. Quickly light up, no noise, no UV&IR radiations, no flicking and no Pollution.
  3. Application flexibility: Slim and lightweight, space saving, easy installation, can be made into any graphic shape, any color, can also be designed color effects ;
    Light way: This light is a side -ting edge emission, the surface bright and clean uniform and soft light without glare.
  4. Environmental protection: it’s no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, that is, no heat, no radiation, safe touch, typical of the green lighting.


Application of all kinds of LED panels

  1. Walls (not just act as a lighting purposes. It also has artistic embodied)
  2. Ceiling (instead of the original grille)
  3. Mounting body (the pursuit of practical and artistic combination, easy to install)
  4. Other (can also be used in other places, such as the automotive, counters., etc). The LED panel light is widely applied in the indoor facilities such as hotel, bars, restaurants, cafe room and domestic decorating.

There are a lot of styles when making advertisements. One of the most important methods is to adopt an LED panel. An LED panel light can withstand the test of time for up to five years, and it has high cost performance. It is indeed a cost-effective lighting source for various purposes. There are a lot of advantages of using it. Here are some of them:

What we can observe today is that there is an increasing popularity in the adoption of it in almost every industry. Residential buildings and establishments are now making use of them for illuminating their spaces with consistent and luminous light. The use of these lighting sources later spread all over the world just like a contagious disease.

It is a light fixture that is generally used for decorating signs and billboards. However, it is later used in homes and buildings because of the high demand for a cost-performance lighting source. Hence, it has several qualities that are hardly ever held by incandescent light fixtures and typical halogen. It has the following fantastic features that can only be found in it.

Although diffusing an extremely luminous glow, low-voltage only uses some two to three point six volts, which means that it is not as expensive as a fluorescent bulb regarding to power consumption. It is energy-saving yet powerful in throwing light on various structures and buildings. Six fluorescent bulbs are equal to one slim panel of its fixture-that is the amount of light that you can obtain from the latter, which can reduce the huge voltage requirements to the minimum. Compared with other lighting counterparts, it could save up to 70% of energy.

It can be easily mounted or fitted on ceilings, walls and any other flat surfaces owing to its compact design and slim, which makes it an essential light fixture for modern structures. There are also some other dimensions that are different from the typical flat panel in rectangular shape.

It is highly environmentally-friendly and does not produce thermal effect no matter how long it is used because it does not emit infrared rays and malignant UV-except for the panels used as growing lights for hydroponic plants. Since it does not give off any harmful radiations, it is a good lighting option for schools, hotels, hospitals and other buildings.

Even if you compared it to the incandescent, halogen fixtures and fluorescent, this light panel could exceed their brightness. It does not, however, hurt the eye so much since the light is evenly spread rather than being concentrated on a single spot. Some manufacturers of them have also incorporated a dimmable feature so that the users could regulate the amount of light for special purposes. In fact, the dimmable LED lights are extensively being used in hospitals and clinics in which the privacy of the patients is an important matter. It starts right off as soon as the switch was turned on, which is unlike the usual light fixtures that we have at home.

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