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Introduction of Commercial LED

Commercial LED lights are ideal for schools, shops, churches, hotels, restaurants and other public or commercial buildings. LED lights offer a low cost, money saving way to cut back on your premises energy bills and maintain Green/ Environmental Standards.

LED, (light emitting diode), lighting has been recognized as a high efficiency, long lasting light source with incredible visual impact. Initially associated with electronic gadgets, circuit boards, and flashlights, LED solid state lighting technology has been applied to the commercial lighting industry with some very promising results.
Because of LED lighting’s visual impact, high-efficiency performance and long-lasting attributes, LED lighting has successfully replaced conventional lighting technology in several commercial lighting applications with significant savings in energy costs.
These commercial LED lighting applications, include:

• LAX Gateway at Los Angeles International Airport have replaced metal halide with an LED system, where they anticipate 75% less energy consumption, but demonstrate a dramatic visual effect, (as shown on left.)

• Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas replaced metal halide with an LED system, cutting annual energy costs from $18,000 to $1,900.

• The British Airways London Eye replaced fluorescent with an LED system, eliminating former maintenance costs and requirements while gaining the ability to produce color light and programmable effects, (shown here on right.)

• Bostonian shoe stores in the US replaced fluorescent with an LED system, mitigating the need for frequent and costly lamp replacement, while also gaining the ability to easily adjust from “warm” to “cool” white light in its display shelves.

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