LED Tubes

T5, T8, Emergency, Sensor

Introduction of LED Tubes

OMW LIGHTS uses high quality SMD LED as light source for the LED Tube light, which has higher light efficiency, higher CRI,consuming less energy, reaching longer life, and being more environment as well.The triditional fluorescent lamp contains material mercury which made a high threads to the environment.LED Tube light makes an ideal substitute to the triditional fluorescent lights. LED lights enjoys the same diamters and lengths of the triditional lights varying from the T5, T8 to T10 and 0.3m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m.

Compared to regular lights,OMW LED Tube light can reach about 70% of energy saving and 10 times of life cycle(Theoretically, the life of LED light can be 50000hr).The extremely endurance of this light free people out of changing the light tubes, ballasts, and starters. This environmental friendly semiconductor(LED) makes great contribution to people’s optical and physical health due to its gentle light and high color rendering index.

The installation of LED tube lights
It’s quite simple to replace a traditional fluorescent light with an LED Tube light. When you are using LED tube, take off old light tube, remove the ballast and the starter, put on the LED tube to the AC line.

1. The traditional fluorescent lights contains a lot of mercury. In the last decades, the huge amount of discarded lights have made a great threats to the environment. OMW LED tube light is mercury and lead free,no pollution. It is surely a great gift to the human being and green lighting solution to 21st century.

2. OMW LED Tube lights can reach 100-110LM/W without producing any ultraviolet ray and the surface temperature is less than 60 degrees.

3. The noise free LED lights is the best solution to the precision electronic instruments, the library and office lighting.

4. The traditional light uses AC power with 100-120 times flashing per minute.OMW LIGHTS uses constant current driver to converts AC to DC so that the light can effectively reduce the luminous decay with fast starting and no flash to protect the eyes.

5. LED lights generates less heat and produces no ultraviolet rays, infrared ray or poisoning material such as mercury. These advantage attracts less insects to the light so the room can be cleaner and tidier than using traditional lights.

6. The traditional lights are ignited by the high voltage generated by the ballast. So the ignition fails when the voltage is not reaching a certain level of voltage. The LED lights can be ignited with a much wider voltage ranging from AC85V to 265V.

7. LED uses 30% of electricity or even less compared to the traditional light. Meanwhile, the life cycle is 10 times more. An average LED light can be used for over 30000 hours. This long free maintenance feature can save a lot cost on labor, lights replacing(especially when the lights are equipped on some special places)

8. LED body is made from epoxide resin instead of trational glass, which makes it more solid and durable. It is never fragile like regular lights, it can not be broken or cracking so easily even when smashed to the hard core ground.

Regular lighting on offices, shopping malls, restaurants, homes, workshops,and underground parking garage.

All About Tube LED lights

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