LED Built-in Panel

LED Built-in Panel – OMWLights(China)


OMWLIGHTS Led built-in panel light uses high brightness LED as light source,which is suitable for office, school, retail store, art museum, hall lighting, hotel, coffee shop, home interior lighting, and can directly replace the original ordinary ceiling lamps(down light). The shapes include round and square, power consumption from 3W to 24W. It was designed to minimize glare and reflections off the work surface, avoiding visual discomfort to meet office and school needs. With a unique, slim and tech design, led built-in panel light can adjust light color according to the different needs and environmental change, not only produces no radiation and glare, it emits through the high-transmittance light guide plate and makes the effect of luminance softness, comfortableness and brightness which relieves your eyes fatigue effectively.
LED panel lighting illumination is high LED panel lights use uniform light-emitting reflective panel and sealed design, coupled with efficient light guide plate, and aluminum alloy material. Glow is even and illumination is higher. LED panel light heat dissipation is less. LED panel lights are slim, complete heat dissipation, low power, less heat. The life of the LED panel lights is long LED life is up to 30,000 hours. Count by 8 hours a day, the theoretical life of LED panel lights is more than 10 years. LED panel lamp lights have strong anti-vibration. Among LED panel lights, LED light source is a high hardness resin luminous body instead of tungsten filament glass, not easily damaged, so the vibration force is relatively high,adaptable to the ambient temperature.