LED Down Light

LED Down Lights – OMWLights(China)


The down light is applied to provide general or decorative light effects. It can be seen in offices, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, exhibition halls, conventions and many other places. Now read a down light introduction and have more message about it. 1 The down light is a small spotlight which is set in a ceiling, directed downward. Therefore, it has another name — ceiling light light. LED light tube is the product of the latest technology in energy efficient lighting.(LED stands for Light Emitting Diode that means a semiconductor device converting electricity into light.) LED down light is brighter than other lights of the same wattage. That is to say, even a LED down light of a small wattage can give off a bright light. And incandescent bulbs get very hot when they work but the LED down light is different, which works on cool light. 2 The down light is popular in many areas. The introduction of LED into the down light makes it develop more rapidly and grow into a bigger market. LED down lights are installed in house, hotel, retail center, store, and so on. The introduction of LED down light enables those places to improve the atmosphere. For example, you can install a yellow LED tube light in your home to make it more delighted and warmer, which makes you fell more relaxed when you arrive home. And if the LED down light is installed in a hotel, the hotel appears more luxury and comfortable, which will attract more clients. Therefore, you see the shopping malls installed with hundreds of LED down lights to create colorful and beautiful effects, which catches the costumers’ attention. In a word, the down light changes people’s mood through changing the mood of a place. 3 The introduction of LED panel light can save a lot energy. First, it has high efficiency. Compared with the traditional energy-saving lighting lamps and lanterns, it can save nearly 60% – 80%. The consumption of a white light LED down light costs just 1/10 of an incandescent bulb, and a quarter of an energy saving light. Moreover, it can be powered by solar and wind and water energy source. What is more, once the LED down light is introduced, the long life span means you do not have to buy lights frequently. It is possible that at home , you buy a LED down light and you will never buy it for every LED down light has a life span of more than 100,000 hours. Consequently, the introduction of LED down light plays an important role in protecting the environment. And it does not have the shortcomings of traditional lights which give ultraviolet radiation, and other harmful substances. The LED down light is easy to be dismantled and recycled.