LED Flat Panel

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LED Flat Panel Lights- OMWLights(China)


LED Flat Panels are an edge-lit, slim-line, energy-saving, suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, and are designed to fit directly into existing standard suspended ceilings and recesses, or can be surface mounted to ceilings and walls. OMWLIGHTS provide full size for the LED flat panel light, including 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 620*620mm, 300x600mm, 300x1200mm, 600x1200mm. The wattage include 12W, 24W, 36W 40W, 48W, 60W and 72W. Customers can choose the LED panel light according to the space and the brightness requirement. OMWLIGHTS also provide dimmable LED panel light, RGB panel light, Triac-dimmable LED panel light, CCT dimmable LED panel light and DMX 512 LED panel light.

The composition of LED lights made by OMWlights
a. Frame is made of aluminium, which is the main heat sink for the panel light.
b. LED light source is SMD(4014, 3014)
c. LED Light guide plate(LGP),OMWLights uses high quality LGP to make sure the lights is well-distributed with no dark or dazzling dots.
d. Reflective paper: It reflects the light from the back of the LGP to increase the lumen efficiency.
e. LED diffuser plate(PMMA,PC),
f. Back board is made of alluminium, the back board can help with the radiating of the LED panel light
g. LED power supply with constant current,and power factor are more than 0.95.
h. Accessories includes hanging steel string, installing racket and other accesories for fixing purpose.

Made with high quality components, OMWLIGHTS led panel lights are low maintenance, for the components can ensure the lifespan more than 50,000 hours. But how to ensure the lifespan of the LEDs? Being managed thermally is essential. And the heat generated by the LEDs is under the control of a special heat sink. The heat sink is perfect for the back side of the panel which keeps the heat away from the LEDs. LED panel lighting is a new technology and takes the place of traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes for indoor lighting because LED lights saves energy, lasts long. Since led panel light are much more concise and thus easier to operate than the traditional fluorescent light boxes. For instance, the led panel light can save 50% than the traditional T8 lamps, and 30% than the new T5 lamps. The led panel light can be applied in commercial lighting location, hotel, supermarket, conference room, office, factory, house, school and other places.