LED G4 Lights – OMWLights(China)


G4 bulb/lamp belongs to one typical kind of bi-pin socket bulbs/lamps, with 2 straight pins as the input end. The number 4 after “G” means the distance between the 2 pins is 4mm (0.16 inch). G4 bulb/lamp is usually installed in and worked with appropriate lighting fixtures, like yard light, cabinet light, chandelier, ceiling light, wall light…etc.
G4 LED bulbs look slightly different to halogen bulbs, hey still fit directly into your existing light fittings and are still capable of providing exactly the same level of illumination, or, if you prefer, they can provide less or more light than you get from your current halogen bulbs.
G4 LED bulbs will directly fit in just as a standard bulb. This means that you can remove your halogen bulbs as you would normally and then simply slot in the G4 LED bulbs in exactly the same way as if you were replacing it with another halogen bulb. There are no complicated routines, no changing over of power supplies and no changing your fittings.
G4 LED bulbs work by using clusters of individual LED’s, also known as Light Emitting Diodes. They have many options so that they can replace the various different types of halogen bulbs out there. For example, there are back pin fitting and side pin fittings to allow more flexibility of where they are placed. You will also find varying color temperatures such as bright white, warm white and even some colored options if that is what you require.
Typical LED G4 has a low voltage input, 12V AC mostly. Inside the lighting fixture there is an electromagnetic or electronic transformer to transform mains voltage to 12V AC voltage.
OMWLIGHTS offer a 12V AC/DC and 220V AC G4 Led lamp/bulb, which has wide compatibility with existing halogen transformers.
G4 Led bulb/lamp consumes much less electricity than G4 halogen lamp does, moreover G4 led bulbs has a rated lifetime of 30,000 hours, 10 times than G4 halogen lamps. Additionally, G4 led lamp does not contain any toxic materials, it is eco-friendly. Using G4 Led lamp/bulb could reduce your carbon footprint. It’s always a good choice to replace G4 halogen lamp with G4 led bulb.
Here below are some tips for people who desire to replace G4 halogen lights with G4 led bulbs/lamps.
1. Identify the power of in-use G4 halogen lamps on existing light fixture, and decide which power of led bulb to choose. Usually 10W G4 halogen needs a 2W Led bulb to replace.
2. Measure the max allowable size inside the light fixture. This is to avoid fitting issue between G4 led bulb and your light fixture.
3. Check whether your G4 halogen lamp is powered by an electromagnetic transformer. If it’s an electromagnetic transformer, what you need do is just to select a 12V AC G4 Led bulb with proper power and size