LED G9 Lights – OMWLights(China)


LED G9 bulb features two looped prongs, instead of screw bases or straight pins like those offered on other halogen bulbs. It belongs to one type of bi-pin connectors, and the distance between the two pins are 9mm.It is a popular lighting bulbs, which is widely used in lighting fixtures, like pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights/wall sconces, table lamps….etc.
LED G9 bulbs are a fantastic alternative to old halogen capsules. You would gain many benefits if you replace your G9 halogen capsules with G9 Led bulbs, such as,Money saving. G9 Led bulbs consume much less electricity, but last dozens of times than G9 halogen capsules. During the lifetime of more than 35,000 hours, you will save a fortune on electricity bill, and maintenance costs.
Energy saving. With less power but same light output, G9 Led bulbs are helping you to reduce your own carbon emissions. You are one part of it!
Safer handling. Unlike G9 halogen bulbs which operate at extremely high temperatures, G9 Led bulbs have much lower temperature on the surface. Moreover, without glass body, it’s much safer for people to handle it. OMWLIGHTS provide LED G9 with the PC and silicon material body. And can work with the voltage of 110-230V AC or 12V AC/DC, so it’s very easy to replace G9 halogen lamps at site. Simply what you need do is, to take off the traditional G9 halogen lamp properly (Note: please make sure the electricity is off before contacting the G9 lamps), then insert G9 Led lamp/bulb into G9 socket.