LED Inground

LED Inground Lights – OMWLights(China)


LED inground lights, is a special kind of landscape lights, the lights installed under the ground. It can be seen in rural, urban and city landscapes. The visual effects cannot be under estimated and can sometimes offer another arm of security and safety in largely built up areas. From monuments, historic buildings, city halls, public galleries and iconic public meeting places, brightening up a building can add another dimension, bringing bricks and mortar to life. To some of us, lighting can appear as another creation of art direction and ultimately creates a sense of ambiance.The installation of led inground or floor recessed light aims to create guide lights which highlight the paths in outdoor garden and building areas, as well as making the most of greenery and architectures defining public and private spaces, reducing the size of the luminaires whose technical components disappear below the surface, with just the light coming out.
A clear, tempered, shock and heat resistant glass lens safeguards the lamp and optics. The OMWLIGHTS’ choice of materials and technical solutions to allow LED inground lights to be fitted outdoors aims to optimise resistance to weather and to vandalism, has an International Protection rating of IP67, for protection against detrimental dust intrusion as well as penetration of water under submersion. And particular attention was paid to avoid water infiltration in the luminaires even in very bad weather such as heavy rain, snow and ice.
LED inground light has small size, low power consumption, long service life, durable Low power consumption, long life, easy installation, Elegant and unique, leak-proof and waterproof.