PL LED Lights – OMWLights(China)


LED PL bulbs has now widespread use in modern commercial and residential properties.It’s designed to replace inefficient compact fluorescent lamps with easy installation. OMWLIGHTS LED PL bulbs are available in 5-13watts, with E27, G23, G24(2 pins), G24(4 pins), B22 base options.

LED PL bulbs, which replace 13- and 30-watt fluorescent lamps, retrofit a variety of commercial fixtures, including recessed cans, sconces, and ceiling fixtures commonly used to light retail stores, hotels and apartment buildings. Constructed with a lamp holder that rotates 270 degrees, LED PL Retrofits feature a simple ballast bypass to ensure maintenance-free, energy-saving operation and higher performance, as well as instant-on capabilities.The compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) PL lamp is quite efficient saving typically 60% when compared to the traditional incandescent light bulb. However the LED PL lamp takes it one stage further and saves around 90% over traditional light bulbs. This means that the LED PL lamp is over twice a s efficient as the CFL PL Lamp.The LED PL lamp goes one step further improving energy efficiency even more but additionally providing a light which comes on instantly and having an extremely long life, typically 50000 hours, which minimises inconvenience or safety issues caused by PL lamp failures and also dramatically reduces maintenance costs. The directional PL bulbs are particularly efficient when placed in ceiling fittings as they only shine light downwards reducing losses caused by firing light back into the fitting. The other benefit is that the LED technology is resilient to being switched continually on and off unlike the CFL which will fail prematurely

The second advantage of using the LED PL bulbs is the large variety of colored light they can offer. This is done more efficiently compared to other lighting bulbs. They produce the color on much narrower wavelengths making the color consistent and rich. They also allow for more opportunities to mix colors. The light from these bulbs is also suitable for accenting the rooms and creating light effects. Given their compactness, they allow for flexibility in the controlling of how the room is lit. With use of dimming switches, you can have a wide range of hues. This allows you to create a suitable ambience to your taste.

The LED PL lights are clearly the best choice in case you have someone suffering from photo reactive illnesses. This is because unlike other lighting bulbs, they do not flicker and produce a steady light. They also do not strain the eyes especially when one is reading. Lastly, this kind of bulbs does not have Ultra Violet or Infrared light in their spectrum. This makes them ideal for illuminating delicate pieces of art and other objects without causing them any harm. The long term gains of these bulbs make them a top choice for any kind of lighting projects you might have in mind.