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LED Spot Lights – OMWLights(China)


Halogen spotlights have been widely used in our homes for the past decade years. But in the recent years,halogen spotlight are gradually replaced by LED spotlight,the price of led have tumbled so that they are not that much more expensive than the halogen bulbs that they replace. LED spot bulbs have a reflective metal casing around the sides of the bulb which help reflect the light and focus it into a specific direction, instead of allowing the light to escape in other directions. This ensures the light shines in a desired area,which is perfect highlighting walkways, work stations, as well as art and display areas. For instance 15 degree spot lighting allows you to draw attention to a specific item, such as a jewelry or art display. A 25 degree narrow spot draws attention in a more subtle way. A 45 degree spot bulb highlight a broader space, including living areas.

When selecting the right LED spot bulb, start with the actual size and shape of the bulb. This is especially important if the light socket is inset in the wall or ceiling. In general, PAR 30 bulbs measure about 3.7 inches in diameter by 5.4 inches in length. PAR 38 roughly measure 4.8 inches in diameter roughly 6 inches in length. Some LED spot bulbs are available in short neck or long neck versions to accommodate different fixtures.
LED spot bulb, like other light bulbs, offer a variety of light colors, RGB(blue,green,red) and white color described as color temperatures:
2700-3200K – A warm soft white, yellowish light most similar to a standard incandescent. Ideal for residential areas in homes and hotels.
4000-4500K – Nature white light allowing people to see more details. Ideal for office, shop, and work areas.
5700-6500K – A daylight white close to a true outside light. Works well for work environments, as a grow light, and any where fine detailed work or reading is done. Different people prefer different light colors for different tasks and locations.

The overall light output of a light bulb is known as lumens. This is where the big advantage of LED lights comes into play, as the total number of watts (energy) required to produce the lumens is significantly lower than that of other light bulbs. For example, to create 450 lumens , and LED bulb uses 5 to 6 watts, while a compact fluorescent uses 9 to 13 watts, and an incandescent bulb uses 40 watts. Power usage increases further as a standard 75 watt incandescent light bulb, which produces 1,100 lumens is compared to an LED which uses only 9 to 13 watts for the same amount of light. And the LED spot bulbs generate a temperature of less than 80 degree, which is far lower than the traditional halogen spot lights which generates temperatures of over 130 degree. The halogen will last for around 1,000 hours on average and consume 35 or 50 Watts typically, an LED spotlight producing the equivalent amount of light will last for up to 50,000 hours with a total power consumption of only 3 Watts, 50 times the lifetime and one tenth the power consumption! OMWlights led spotlights are available in low voltage 12V (MR16 fitting, supplied with a transformer) and mains voltage 110-240V (GU10,GU5.3,E14 and E27) versions with 1.5-12Watt power ratings. So you can very simply replace all the spotlight bulbs in your home and start saving on your electricity bill each month.