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LED wall washer is lighting equipment using LED technology for illumination. It’s high power LED light that is used for decorative lighting and highlight, or wash walls of buildings, clubs, hotels, stages, parks, plazas, commercial building facades, art galleries, etc. The term “wall washer” can be used to describe two types of lighting fixtures; one is used in performance lighting and the other is used in building lighting. An LED wall washer in a performance lighting setup is a rectangular arrangement of several LED lights used to evenly light a wall. In a building, an LED wall washer is a recessed lighting fixture mounted in the ceiling that also provides even lighting to a wall.
Each LED light emits a single color. An LED wall washer may output only white or off-white LED light for a simple, clean lighting look, or it may be designed with a controller to change the color of the wall washer. Most color wall washer units use mixed lights of multiple colors, usually red, green, and blue, that the lighting operator can use to dial up a final color. In addition to color changes, a performance LED wall washer used in a dance club may include effects that sequence light movement and flashing patterns.
Both recessed washers and performance wall washers are used when an even light look is desired on a flat wall surface. Performance lighting wall washers can either be mounted with theater lights or left loose for a portable unit. When painting a wall for a themed event is inconvenient, a colored LED wall washer can be positioned for a temporary color change look.
Architectural recessed LED wall washers are more difficult to install into an existing building than hanging lighting, but the recessed cove holding the LEDs gives a cleaner fixture look. Recessed fixtures also promote even lighting by hiding bright bulbs away from direct sight. A lighting designer may plot several wall washers along the length of an extended wall to maintain even lighting. Because filaments and brittle glass are fragile, LED wall washers tend to be more durable than fixtures that use filaments or fluorescent tubes. The solid state technology used to make LED lights makes them more resistant to damage from vibration and handling. The durability of solid state lighting technology makes it the preferred choice for lights exposed to wear and tear such as traffic lights, book lamps, and portable electronics indicator lights.

Tests be made by OWMLight’s LED Wall Washer before shipping.
Temperature Test
Temperature test is a must in quality inspections of LED wall washer. There’s a temperature limit for different components. During product designing, OMWLights will pay great attention to heat dissipation, especially that of certain components, such as insulation sheet. Components could be easily damaged if working under a high temperature condition for a long time. This might cause a fire or electric shock. The internal power module of wall washer is enclosed in a small space, which might lead to a heat problem. Therefore, OMWLights select components in proper size, which would avoid the over-heating problem when the components work under full-load condition.
Aging Test
LED wall washer are undergo a 24-hour aging test before delivery; and waterproof test be carried out immediately after aging test.
Waterproof Test
Waterproof test should be done right after the aging test so as to simulate a real environment for IP protection test of LED wall washer. This approach is generally known as thermal test. After lighting for a certain time, LED wall washer would be heated up to a temperature. The waterproof test carried out under this condition would help to ensure whether LED wall washer would work well in a bad outdoor environment.
Failure Test
Failure test is essential to quality certification test. This test would simulate failures that may occur in practice in order to assess the safety when products fail. Thus, many manufactures would add proper fuse to the input end of LED wall washer to prevent a fire risk caused by an output short-circuit or component failure.

Application:The LED wall washers can be used for wall washering lighting for clubs; stages; parks; plazas; commercial building bacades; art gallery; architectural decorative; green landscape lighting, etc…