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In the past year,the traditional halogen portable work light were used very widely in our life. As it’s cheap, easily moved and they put out a lot of light to help you work in an area. And they come in a couple of different styles (on tripods, floor stands, or magnet mounts). But they are all the same: dangerous tools that harm workers, start fires, and set off explosions. Halogen lights are too hot and people are getting hurt. To use an infrared camera for 500W halogen portable work light for over four hours. within the first hour, the 500W halogen had already reached its maximum temperature of over 300 degrees Celsius (>570 F). This temperature will ignite paper and wood. It is the melting point of pewter. Styrofoam will become liquid at this temperature. We haven’t even begun to discuss what this would do to human flesh. If we touch with our hands or any other part of our bodies, that’s when the real danger of a heat source like this becomes apparent. Skin will burn at about 100 C (212 F), which means that the 500W quartz halogen is an imminent and immediate danger just by having it in the same room. When we analyzed the infrared images closely, we found that even the guard that is meant to protect the user from the hottest part of the light achieved temperatures of over 100 C (212 F). Therefore, there is no safe spot to touch a quartz halogen light once it has been powered up for any reasonable length of time.
However, now there are alternative technologies on the marketplace that are attracting considerable attention. LED technology has developed to the point where a work light can give off the same usable light as a 500W quartz halogen with none of the downside risks. At this point, most people are quite familiar with the concept of LEDs. They never require bulb changes, are much more energy efficient than other lighting technologies, and they are cool running. The last benefit tends to be overplayed, as LEDs can generate heat. But even with a moderate amount of heat sink design, an LED light will come nowhere close to the heat generated by a 500W halogen light.
the LED flood light reached its maximum temperature in under an hour. However, unlike the quartz halogen light, the LED work light usually has a working temperature of 45 to 85 degrees Celsius. What’s more, its housing is built in a way that helps disperse heat immediately. It also has double insulated rubber wires that can withstand very low or very high temperatures. Therefore, LED work light continued to operate in a temperature range that was not dangerous and could not start a fire. The advent of a portable LED work light that provides the same usable light as halogen work light, yet uses less energy (50W vs 500W), never requires a bulb change (50,000 hour life), and runs at almost 1/8th of the heat level (45 C vs 300 C) is a game changer that will save lives and reduce injuries in the work place.
Longer Life Expectancy. As compared to ordinary halogen lamps, OMWLights LED work light can last a very long time. Halogen spotlights generally have an average life time of less than 7,000 hours. An LED work light, on the other hand, has an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to roughly five years and eight months. With an LED light, you won’t have to buy a replacement immediately.
Tough and Durable. OMWLights LED work lights are durable and robust. They are shockproof, quakeproof, waterproof, and dust proof. Because they don’t have fragile parts, unlike halogen lamps with their delicate filament capsules, they can withstand abuse and tough conditions. So if you’re looking for heavy-duty work lights you can use in extreme environments, LED work light are your best bet.
OMWLights LED work lights are available in a wide variety of configurations to fit almost any application including portable LED light towers, LED light carts, handheld LED lights, magnetic mount LED lights, LED drop lights, and portable explosion proof LED lights just to name a few. OMWLights LED work lights offer cool operation, high power output, high efficiency, extreme durability, and a long operational life that makes them ideal for demanding work environments where reliability and performance is critical to safe and effective work operations.