Rigid LED Strip

LED Rigid Strips – OMWLights(China)


Rigid LED Strips are a high powered, super bright bar, that come fully assembled as a modular designed lighting source with a clean aluminium finish. The strips are 24V DC input and they are also fully dimmable. The bars measure 30 cm in length and come provided with aluminum mounting clips. Easily mountable on adjustable hinged metal brackets or with 3M brand double sided foam tape, these durable fixtures will bring the extra light you need to all of your workspaces. They are ideal for under-cabinet/over-counter application and fit nicely above desks, in cabinets, or above the sink!
Rigid led strip lights come in a wide range of colors as well as strips that can change colors. The most basic Rigid LED strip are called ‘non addressable’ and will only emit one fixed color of light. A second type of LED light is called ‘non addressable RGB strips’. These LED lights can display any Red-Green-Blue color. These are different than ‘addressable RGB’ LED strip lights. The difference is that addressable Rigid LED strips have a small controller between each LED that makes it possible to control each LED on an individual basis. Addressable LED lights will be more expensive and are usually not necessary for most home needs. Color temperature is something very different than the color of an LED light. Temperature indicates how ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ the light appears. Temperature is rated in Kelvin with higher Kelvin representing cool colors and lower Kelvin representing warmer colors.2700-6500K
Applications: – For good color definition and contrast lighting requirements: Architectural, industrial, residential, commercial, Walkways, roads, signs, security,freezers,Cabinet;Undercabinet;Bookshelf;Cupboard;Showcase;Ceiling;Bathroom;Eaves;Landscape;Light box.