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Revolution Lighting SEP LED T8 Tube Lamp Retrofit Process

In this video, you’ll learn how to convert a standard fluorescent tube lamp troffer to use Revolution Lighting Technologies’ Single-End Power (SEP) LED T8 Tube Lamps.

SEP LED tube lamps are a great way for customers to reduce energy usage, save money on long-term maintenance costs, and increase the simplicity and reliability of their lighting systems.

Don’t forget to attach the safety stickers included with every Revolution Lighting SEP T8 tube lamp kit to the troffer in visible and applicable areas to maintain the fixture’s UL listing. The necessary stickers and their required locations are detailed in the installation instructions supplied with every Revolution Lighting T8 SEP tube lamp kit.

Check out the full Revolution Lighting product line at https://www.rvlti.com/products/



LED Linear T8 – Installation Video

In this product installation video, watch how we convert a fluorescent T8 fixture into one that can use MaxLite’s Linear LED T8 lamps (with internal driver.)

Support Links:

Visit us online at: http://www.maxlite.com

Product Specifications: http://www.maxlite.com/products/led-linear-t8-internal-driver

MaxLite Webinar Library: http://www.maxlite.com/webinar

Lighting Layout Request Form: http://www.maxlite.com/resources/trainingvideos/downloads/photometric-request-form-110111.pdf

Written by Greg Murphy
Produced by Blake Adams



Fluorescent 18w vs. LED 10W – In Emersed Aquarium for growing plants

Fluorescent lamp tube vs Led light for freshwater aquarium plants – Growing emersed
This is my Emersed plant setup of Aquarium plants [One month old]
10W FloodLight LED Light vs. Fluorescent 18W Aquarium light
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Comparison: LED blacklight vs. fluorescent tube blacklight

The powers of darkness decided to gnaw on my gig log footage, so I’m doing a video comparison of LED blacklights vs. fluorescent tube blacklights, using an ADJ Eco Bar UV and an ADJ 24BLB blacklight. This video is not meant to compare the output or performance of the two fixtures, but rather to compare the appearance of LED vs. traditional blacklighting.

This video is brought to you by the powers of Quantum Physics.

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EEVblog #362 – LED Tube Lighting Install & Theory

Installing LED fluorescent tube replacements in the EEVblog LAB with before and after measurements.
Bonus theory material on fluorescent startup and LED tube design and dangers.
With Doug Ford from Doug Ford Analog Design:
Forum Topic: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog-specific/eevblog-362-led-tube-lighting-install-theory/

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