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Microwave/Motion sensor LED T8 tube for car parks lighting projects

What is the best solution for huge energy saving in car parks and other all-day or long time continuous lighting areas? Please try our Smart Star Series Microwave Sensor LED T8 Tube Lights.

How does it work?
This is an improvement for LED lighting by our smart design.
Take our LED tube installed in a car park as an example, when you are driving a car closer and closer, the microwave sensor will receive the signal and transmit to let the light fully work at 18W. After the car parked ready and you left, our smart tube will automatically turn down at 4W for saving energy, and this level of illumination ensures for security monitoring.

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The rapidly growing OKT LED Lighting

OKT Lighting specializes in manufacturing residential and commercial LED lighting, ranging from LED Down light, LED Flat Panel and LED Tube Light.
OKT Lighting is growing rapidly and intends to be one of the most famous LED Lighting enterprise in America.



led tube lamp for office and home lighting fixture

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