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LED T8 Installation Video

Changing from fluorescent tubes to T8 LED tubes. Watch this easy retrofit from start to finish using IlluminerLED tubes. Brought to you by Clean LED Energy, LLC



T8 LED Tube Retrofit- Energy Efficiency by Green Ray Technology

At Green Ray Corporation our goal is to deliver specific solutions in a growing LED market, bringing lighting products that are a breakthrough of innovation and quality. Being socially responsible for the environment and maximizing the value of our clients and investors, our product lines deliver an unprecedented energy optimization, incomparable savings, and environmental efficiency as well as a noticeable improvement in the quality of light!



LED Neon Flex Overview

LED neon flex is a new LED product that best replaces traditional glass neon tubing. Suitable for signage and other uses that are only limited by imagination.

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Replacing 2D Fluorescent tube with new 84 LED bulb

Quick video demonstration on how easy it is to convert your 2 D fluoro tube in your caravan/motorhome to our new 84 LED bulb, we have designed it to use the existing plug and simply bypass the ballast, working voltage 10-30 VDC
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LED Lighting for Video – Why we made the switch

Brandon takes a look at how the lighting of Linus Tech Tips videos has evolved over the years, and gives a brief explanation on why we use our current Westcott Flex setup!

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Title: Deep Dive: How to optimize SQL Server for Performance and Reliability

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AX1 Wireless Pixel tube demonstration, Cablefree LED

Interested in wireless led? Click this link to see the full specifications for the Astera Wireless Pixel tube AX1 :

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Fast Track: LED T8 Tubes | GE Lighting

GE Lighting T8 LED Tubes are an energy efficient option to Linear Fluorescent tubes while providing similar light levels. There are two different GE offerings: UL Type A and UL Type C. UL Type A is plug and play: You remove the fluorescent lamp from the fixture and replace it directly with the LED Tube (ballast must be electronic T8 ballast, not designed for T12). UL Type C (Remote Driver) is more of a retrofit: You must remove the ballast from the fixture and replace it with a Lightech Driver before installing the LED Tubes. Your choice depends on your need. Type A provides a lower install cost (no electrician required) and uses existing electronics. Type C offers optimal system compatibility, 0-10V dimming and adaptability for future controls (one major reason for going with LED). Both GE T8 LED Tube designs have a rated life of L70 of 50,000 hrs., which means that the LED Tubes will be operating at 70 percent of their initial light output at that point.



Time square Penang, Madrix Led tube lighting

Time square, Penang nightclub lobby

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